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Notes from your village agent -
The recorded message sounded very official
“This is Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs.  A case for non payment of tax is being prepared against you with a view to prosecution.  To speak to your caseworker, press 1”   
This is a scam!
I have had this myself, and so have a lot of other people.  It sounds so authen!tic, and is designed to fluster people into pressing 1 on the phone.  It will no doubt connect you to a premium rate (very expensive) line.
So please DON’T press 1, simply put the phone down.
Inland Revenue never ring people, and they don’t email, either.  All their correspondence comes in brown envelopes, brought by the postman.
I have also been contacted by a thoughtful parishioner about the new contactless card fraud.  Apparently the magnetic strip can be read through your pocket and wallet by a fraudster using card reader equipment that you can easily buy on the internet.  The parishioner shared that you can purchase special wallets to combat this.  Thank you for sending me this information.  This could be a real risk in the crowds of shopping malls at a certain time of year.
I have done a little research and “Which” have researched this and say that wrapping your card in foil will do the trick and you can buy a special low cost but prettier wallet version from Amazon and other such retailers. 
Off to rummage in the kitchen drawer!  
News Release
6 October 2015
Business Support at your fingertips
Get Business Digital Information
Get Business Digital Booking Form
A new service is being launched in West Somerset and Sedgemoor to help support sole traders and small businesses thrive and get to grips with the world of digital.
Get Business, Get Digital offers a range of FREE support and mentoring to sole traders and small businesses living and working in the West Somerset and Sedgemoor areas. Tourism businesses in wider Somerset area are also able to take advantage of the programme.
The workshops will cover highly practical subjects including starting up, book keeping basics, beginners guide to social media and building digital marketing campaigns
Sessions are split into three key themes:
  • Starting your business
  • Building your business
  • Growing your business
Cllr Karen Mills, lead member for economic development at West Somerset Council, said: “This is a comprehensive package of support providing practical assistance to small businesses at all stages of development. As well as workshops on key business themes, additional one-to-one support will mean that businesses are able to talk through any specific issue they are facing in complete confidence.”
Portfolio holder for Economic Development at Sedgemoor, Cllr Anne Fraser, said: “These free sessions with experts are a fantastic opportunity for businesses of whatever size and at whatever stage to learn how they can gain a commercial edge and stay ahead. We know most businesses, especially smaller ones, are so busy with the day job they seldom have time for their own development. These sessions are designed to meet that need so I would urge anyone who is interested to book a place as soon as possible.”
The initiative is being funded by West Somerset Council, Sedgemoor District Council and the Hinkley Tourism Action Partnership from funds within the Hinkley Point C planning agreement.
Workshops sessions will be based in Minehead, Williton, Burnham on Sea and Bridgwater and the initiative will run from now until September 2016.
For a full list of workshops and information about the wider programme, visit www.getbusinessgetdigital.co.uk. It’s easy to register to attend, simply click on the event and follow the instructions.
-       Debbie Rundle, on behalf of West Somerset Council,01984 635280 or 01823 356407 email d.rundle@tauntondeane.gov.uk
-       Claire Faun, on behalf of Sedgemoor District Council, 01278 435320 email pressoffice@sedgemoor.gov.uk
For more information on West Somerset services visit: www.westsomersetonline.gov.uk
For more information on Sedgemoor services visit: www.sedgemoor.gov.uk









Rob Hawkins, the Walpole Virridor Landfill Manager showed us around the Walpole site on a two hour tour, which included the new anaerobic digestor.
We arrived at 10.30 am in the morning of 21st July for our very exciting trip to the tip to see what they have planned for the future and what they have achieved and whether this is going to have any effect on East Huntspill.
Virridor's newly completed anaerobic digestor processes up to 30,000 tonnes of food a year and will save Somerset £200,000 a year on the recycling of food.  Biogas is produced, which generates electricity. Virridor recycle tyres by using them wrapped in fabric to provide aeration for the landfill (actually a landraise site), which is cheaper than using gravel.
When Virridor cover up the landfill, they also use clay to help keep the soil in place, this clay takes about a year to dry out before it can then be usable.  The compost that they produce from the food waste reduces to 15% of the original bulk and can be of such good quality to be sold commercially.
We were very impressed by the efficiency and (100% safety - no accidents for past year) of the whole site, the fact that it is very green not only after they cover the landfill in grass, but also in their ethos.  The smell of any part of the waste was hardly noticeably and in fact the site is not very visible from public roads.    They are planning a Waste Recovery Facility, that will further divert waste away instead of being used in landfill.  Plan of WRF  Description of WRF




Below is the link to ‘YouTube’ video clip of Environment Agency flood defence engineer Melvin Wood explaining how using giant pumps will help on the Somerset Levels. Melvin describes how using these newly installed Dutch pumps will reduce flood water as part of a wider pumping strategy.

Melvin’s video is on YouTube here


The attached Newsletters have been released with helpful advice.